The Flowers

What’s unique about Purple Daisy’s flowers?

  • Premium roses from South America that are known for their high petal count and long stems.
  • Our gerbera daisies come in a variety of beautiful colors from greenhouses in B.C.
  • The blue/purple dendrobium orchid is a definite favorite, as its unique coloring makes it stand out in
    a crowd and gives a very modern and funky feel.
  • We have a selection of lilies that give a more elegant and contemporary look.
  • Our tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, proteas, and
    various tropical leaves, can spice up any arrangement and give it a funky burst of energy.
  • A variety of greens and other specialty products depending on the season.

Due to seasons, shipping, and availability, we cannot guarantee that all the product listed above, will be available at all times.